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Aashram Season 2

Aashram Season 2 (2020) HDRip Watch Online Free

Aashram Season 2 (2020) HDRip Watch Online Free

Directed by: Prakash Jha
Starring by: Bobby Deol, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Aditi Sudhir Pohankar
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: India
Language: Telugu

A duplicitous, aashram based, Indian Godman’s good deeds serve activities criminal and unholy, such as rapes, murders, drugs, vote bank politics and forced male emasculation. The law and a few crusaders investigate to bring him to account.

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Aashram (2020) Telugu Season 2 Watch Online Free *Rip File*

Episode 1
As Babita regains her consciousness, she realizes that she has been raped by
Baba. Tinka introduces Baba to his famous fashion designer friend Simone Singh, who gives Baba a new look for his concert appearance. The Tinka Singh concert at Aashram becomes a massive hit. With this growing popularity of Kashipur wale Baba Nirala both Chief Minister Sunderlal and Ex-CM Hukum Singh have started making their rounds to Aashram, in order to take advantage of this public attention for the up coming state elections. Meanwhile Sub Inspector Ujagar Singh and constable Sadhu are preparing for their undercover mission. Babita voluntarily enters Baba’s bedroom and gives him an unforgettable night of pleasure!

Episode 2
Baba instructs Sadhvi Mata to hand over the responsibility of performing the
morning ritual of ‘Aarti’ to Babita. Sadhvi Mata is miffed with Babita trying to make a place for herself in the Aashram. Pammi’s coach puts her on a strict diet as she wants Pammi and her competitor Renu in a separate category. With the growing number of concerts, the consumption and demand of intoxicated ladoos increases. Bhopa instructs his accountant to buy more drugs. Disguised as Junkies, Ujagar and Sadhu have managed to get themselves admitted at the de-addiction centre of Aashram, to pursue their investigation. Akki is devastated to find Sohini and his mother both dead at his village house. He is determined to take revenge!

Episode 3
At the concert, Baba gives an appearance with C.M Sunderlal . Babita gets the
spotlight too when she talks about how Baba has managed to give her and many such women a new life. Pammi cheats in her meal plan to gain weight just to fall in the same weight category as Renu’s, for the match. Ujagar and Sadhu, who have managed to get friendly with Malang, an Ashram loyalist, bond with him while smoking up. They manage to extract some useful information about Baba’s past. After Pammi’s win, Baba mock – wrestles with Pammi on public demand. Pammi senses an uncomfortable touch.

Episode 4
Baba is distracted with thoughts of Pammi. She has now become his lustful desire. Sadhvi Mata arranges for Pammi. She is intoxicated and brought to Baba’s bedroom at night where she is raped. Next morning she wakes up in terrible pain to realize she has been raped. But she does not know by whom! Akki has managed to develop a friendship with Sanober , who agrees to help him trap Sunny. CM Sunderlal, who is not happy with Hukum’s presence in Baba’s concerts, appoints Dilawar to create a ruckus at the next concert which is with Hukum Singh.

Episode 5
Ujagar and Sadhu manage to take some pictures of drug trafficking inside the
Aashram. Kavita agrees to meet them in private and tells them about the connection with Mohini and Hotel Shabnam . A naive and restless Pammi comes to Baba with the complaint that she has been raped by someone in Aashram. Baba assures her that he will ask Bhopa to conduct an inquiry on this. Akki, with the help of Sanober, manages to honey trap Sunny. Ujagar finds an opportunity to enter the most well guarded room of Aashram – The Vault room. Sunny finds Ujagar in the vault room and attacks him. A scuffle ensues. Akki reaches in time and both manage to kill Sunny.

Episode 6
A wave of shock has spread inside the Aashram after Sunny’s death. Pammi calls Satti to tell him about her weak health condition. Babita takes the phone and assures Satti that she will feel better soon. Natasha comes up with a plan to bring Ujagar and Sadhu out from Aashram de-addiction centre. They go after their next lead – Ishwarnath, who was a Pradhan Sewadaar at Aashram, but currently dead in Government records. Hukum Singh openly criticizes CM – Baba alliance at a protest rally. Kavita makes an attempt to tell Pammi the truth about Baba, but Pammi who is still blinded by his devotion, refuses to believe her story.

Episode 7
At practice, Pammi lets out her angst by challenging and defeating a much heavier wrestler than her. Ujagar and Natasha submit the file, which has details of all the illegal activities happening at Aashram, to SP Dhanda who betrays them and hands over the file to CM in return of his long due transfer to Delhi. In order to find out the truth, Pammi pretends to be intoxicated and unconscious while she is taken to Baba’s bedroom. Just when he is about to rape her again she opens her eyes and confronts him. Pammi is locked up in Vish-haran sthal and tortured. Pammi’s father who is on his way to the Aashram to see Pammi, meets with an accident.

Episode 8
Pammi is taken to Ashram hospital to visit her critical father. She has understood that Bhopa has staged all this to threaten her for not opening her mouth. Dilawar leaves CM Sunderlal’s party after being humiliated and betrayed by not getting a candidate ticket for the upcoming elections. He approaches Baba, who helps him amend terms with Hukum Singh. Pammi confronts Babita for not letting her know Baba’s real face. A determined Pammi decides to get back to her practice but she is prohibited from going outside the girl’s hostel. C.M Sunderlal is unhappy with lack of co-operation from Baba’s side and hence orders a CBI raid on Aashram and Baba is under house arrest.

Episode 9
Akki manages to give the news to Pammi that her father is not going to live as
Aashram hospital has discontinued his medication and life support. It is just a play to keep her in control and fear. Pammi starts monitoring all exit and entry points and guard movements. All pramukh sewadaars are summoned to Aashram as Baba finally reveals his support for Hukum Singh, just before the elections. Hukum’s party wins the election and Baba rises as the new kingmaker of the state. In the midst of all the celebrations, Pammi manages to escape the Aashram. She contacts Satti and tells him the whole truth and urges him to leave immediately before its too late!